When Harebrained Schemes aren’t busy Kickstarting Battletech, they’re working on the release of action-roguelike title Necropolis. The third-person labyrinth explore-and-loot-em-up now has a release date of 17 March, and will be launching with co-op multiplayer.

Up to four players will be able to go off on a procedural adventure together, which means you’ll have as many as three other people to help distract monsters while you escape. It’s not entirely clear if this is online co-op only or if local play is an option too.

But whether alone or with friends, Necropolis is promising to offer a permadeath challenge through traps, combat (that they swear you can’t button-mash your way through), and, if you’re lucky, some helpful treasures.

Here’s a semi-recent trailer from 2015.

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