New Android-Powered Handheld Gaming Console Announced; Pre-Orders Begin Today

Team Fusion, a start-up independent gaming and tech firm, publicly unveiled today their first project, a handheld game console powered by the Android operating system. The system, Fusion Go, features a 3.5” touchscreen, full gaming controls, wireless networking features and more. Fusion Go is currently available for pre-order through crowdfunding site IndieGoGo, where the handheld must meet its $400,000 goal to begin production. If the campaign reaches its goal, the handheld is scheduled to be released in late 2014.

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Customers can pre-order Fusion Go from the IndieGoGo campaign page for $100, or $85 if they’re one of the first 100 to pre-order it.

“We think it’s a really innovative product. It takes what people loved about handheld gaming when it was first introduced and kind of adapts that for the modern era,” Team Fusion founder and project leader Tyler Graham said. “People are going to have a lot of fun with it.”

Additionally, the project’s website and IndieGoGo page touts the handheld’s Android operating system, which allows developers to get a head-start on games for the system.

“While we’ll be releasing more specific information for developers in the coming months, anyone can begin working on games for Fusion Go today,” Graham added.

Fusion Go will be available for pre-order until Monday, June 16th, 2014. After that date, if the crowdfunding campaign is successful, pre-orders will continue to be available on their official website.

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