New Batman: Arkham Knight screens are seriously impressive

Batman Arkham Knight - 01
See? Moody. Moodman, he should be called.

Another five Batman: Arkham Knight screenshots have been released, and, uh, wow. They’re really quite special.

Other than the expected moody shot of Batman being moody (above, obviously) you’ve got a close-up of the Batmobile as its gun ruins somebody’s day, Bats uppercutting a man in Chinatown (while the Batmobile’s gun ruins somebody’s day), Bats looking sternly at a guy seemingly sitting in some sort of rear-mounted Batmobile passenger seat, and Bats shoving a guy’s head into a high-voltage generator. And all of them look really bloody nice. The textures look almost flawless, the rain and lighting effects are gorgeous, and… well, they’re nice. Have a look at them below.

Batman: Arkham Knight is due out in 2015. It’s the concluding part of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy, and lets you roam the entirety of Gotham City, an area estimated as being at least five times the size of the Arkham City map. You’ll meet the Arkham Knight – a new character just for the Arkham game universe – while taking on a legion of returning Batman villains and battling the Scarecrow to decide Gotham’s fate, once and for all.

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