the callisto protocol new black iron trailer

New Callisto Protocol trailer tells the tale of the Black Iron Prison

In this space, it seems like everyone will hear you scream.

There’s something about the dead of winter and the dead of space that are equally haunting. And, considering that The Callisto Protocol releases later this year in December, I’d say that the theme tracks. The latest trailer for The Callisto Protocol gives some much-needed information regarding, which just happens to be the abandoned Black Iron prison on one of Jupiter’s moons, Callisto.

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Titled “The Truth of the Black Iron,”  the trailer shows the game’s protagonist, Jacob Lee, as he goes on an exploration of the massive Black Iron maximum security prison. Through his tour we get an idea of what led to the prison being in the state it’s currently in. There are more elements at work other than the isolation of deep space. The trailer shows off how the frosty elements and flames of burning debris can obstruct the investigation at hand. Not only that, but there are more than a few warnings of the creatures that are now running loose. I mean, tentacles? Shoot the tentacles? I guess if it’s written in blood, it must be an honest tip.


Danger and critical thinking

One other element present in the trailer is the use of puzzles. From restoring power outages to rotating bridges, there are a number of hints that your journey in and around the Black Iron will be filled with finding solutions to keep pushing forward on your path. That of course adds to the challenge of defending yourself from the evolving creatures waiting to gut Jacob. But the trailer does provide some dopamine hits as we see Jacob bludgeon a few monsters and toss another into rotating metal grinders. From the looks of it, you’ll need every tool you get your hands on.

The Callisto Protocol is anticipated for release on December 2, 2022. It’s currently being developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton, Inc.

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