A new commentated gameplay trailer for Tchia has dropped

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Earlier today, developer Awaceb uploaded an extensive new gameplay trailer for its open-world adventure game Tchia. In this trailer, the game’s director Phil Crifo commentates over the gameplay footage and gives viewers a general rundown on the mechanics thay can expect to see in the final game. If you like relaxing open-world games that allow for a wealth of unique interactions and traversal options, then you’ll probably enjoy what Tchia has to offer based on this trailer.

On her own, the titular protagonist can already navigate the game’s New Caledonia-inspired tropical island fairly efficiently, as she can glide long distances and climb virtually any surface with enough stamina. But by utilizing her environment in novel ways, Tchia can make her way across the island at an even quicker pace. She can fling herself off of trees, for example, but her most powerful movement ability involves soul-jumping, one of the game’s core mechanics. Essentially, Tchia can possess nearly every animal and object in the world, so she can effortlessly navigate the skies and sea by possessing, say, a bird and a dolphin.


It’s not a total paradise

Of course, Tchia can’t avoid conflict forever, as the Maano, mysterious creatures made of fabric, have infested the island and taken her father. To deal with them, Tchia can use her slingshot to temporarily stun them, or she can eliminate them outright using a source of fire. Lanterns are one of several tools that Tchia can use against them, and the gameplay trailer shows her creatively using her soul-jumping ability to launch one as a projectile.

All in all, the new Tchia trailer does a fantastic job at selling the improvisational nature of the gameplay, which looks incredibly fun to mess around with. Awaceb plans to release the game sometime early next year. Hopefully a concrete date hopefully coming sooner rather than later.

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