New Etherium trailer shows lots of ships

New Etherium trailer shows lots of ships


The upcoming strategy title from Tindalos Interactive gets a new teaser.

The futuristic RTS Etherium looks impressive enough in this trailer which it’s cinematics featuring loads of ships and stompy robots. The trailer consists of cinematics and we’ve yet to see the gameplay although that is apparently coming at the start of next year.

In case you know nothing about Etherium, three factions are locked in conflict, the Humans, Vectides and Intari. As with all RTS games it’s a case of managing resources, assembling an army and then kicking the enemy into next week. A feature they’re touting as being rather special is the game’s weather system which will apparently have an impact on the gameplay and can be used strategically. There’s seven planets and each will have its own environment to get to grips with.

Sounds decent enough but we’ll wait to see how it’s looking when some gameplay footage actually drops.

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