New Monsters For Hellgate: London


HanbitSoft has issued further details of what Korean players can expect in Hellgate patch 1.5.Seven monsters have been detailed, with some being brand new.The big one, apparently, is the Dragoon – a monster with a big sword, which buffs any other demons nearby, and can also fling magic your way and smash you over the head. Other than that, Riders, Lancers, Succubae, and Mummies are being updated.Other than those, there are two new bosses listed. Arachtonas shows up in the new Tower Bridge map, and attacks with huge tentacles on its back. Ruriel, on the other hand, turns up in Act 5, and animates lots of corpses to kill you with.HanbitSoft has also stated that these aren’t the only monsters we can expect from 1.5, with new boss monsters in each act.These aren’t the first details we’ve had on patch 1.5, with more visible here.

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