New MW3 finisher lets you kill your opponents with weed

New MW3 finisher lets you kill your opponents with weed
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Call of Duty is no stranger to depictions of drug use and has been that way for years. The in-game store sells a bundle called the “Blunt Fingers” pack, where you can dress up in a ghillie suit made of cannabis. You can even cover your vehicle in weed with the Puff ‘N Go skin or decorate your ISO 45 SMG with the Weed Eater Blueprint.

If it sounds ridiculous, well, it is, but it’s good, clean fun. It’s also very clear that Activision Blizzard knows its audience. A recent ESRB rating for MW3 proves this trend is set to continue.

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New MW3 finisher lets you kill your opponents with weed

The Entertainment Software and Ratings Board (ESRB) is an organization that assigns age and content ratings to video games in the USA. According to their rating summary for Modern Warfare 3:

“The game includes a finishing move in which marijuana smoke from a bong can be forced into an opponent’s face; badges/banners and character outfits also depict cannabis and/or smoking figures.”

The ESRB also mentions that several curse words appear in the game. Won’t somebody please think of the children!

Honestly, that description sounds hilarious and is on brand for Call of Duty at this point. If you’ve not played a COD game in a while, the series has embraced whacky characters and bright, colorful weapon and vehicle skins. Casual cannabis references are commonplace, and the game already features a finisher where you eliminate your opponent by blowing a puff of smoke in their face. In case you thought it might be regular smoke, it’s from the ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ pack. Like I said earlier, Activision Blizzard knows exactly who they are marketing to.

The series has always catered to edgy teens, although it’s casual enough for anyone to enjoy. If you’re on the outside looking in with complete disgust, relax; it’s just a phase!

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