Resident Evil 3 leaked screenshots

[Update: Feb. 24, 12:15 PM EST]: The post has been altered to reflect new information on the leaked screenshots for Resident Evil 3 remake.

A series of new screenshots from the Resident Evil 3 remake have released online, showing off a variety of returning enemies as well as brand new zombie forms that weren’t present in the original game. These screenshots, posted to both Reddit and the ResetEra forum, give players a good glimpse at the kinds of horrors that await in the latest return to Raccoon City.

One of the major criticisms series fans hold against the Resident Evil 2 remake is the limited variety of enemies that the player has to contend with. The new Resident Evil 3 remake screenshots show that, this time around, there’ll be plenty more.

The screenshots, posted by ResetEra user Dusk Golem, haven’t been officially published by Capcom. They’re not in full HD, and include a watermark bearing the name of French gaming site GamerGen. At least half of them appear to be from the included multiplayer mode, Resident Evil Project Resistance. It should go without saying, some spoilers are included.

re 3 shots 2

Enemies galore

While the obvious iconic villain on display is a flaming (and very angry-looking) Nemesis, the screenshots also show off the return of what appears to be classic Resident Evil 3 foes like the Drain Deimos. This is good news for anyone who felt that the Resident Evil 2 remake suffered for lacking a number of classic monsters.

The screenshots show off new types of more humanoid zombies which appear to add a little variety to the huge waves of undead that players will face throughout the game. These cannon fodder enemies can get repetitive throughout the game, so it’s nice to see Capcom spicing things up and giving fans of the series new versions of these bread-and-butter monsters.

re3 shots 3

What to expect from the Resident Evil 3 remake

There’s no sign yet of the large infected crows that appear in the original Resident Evil 3. A fan favorite monster in their own right, these birds didn’t show up in the Resident Evil 2 remake, but there remains the possibility that they’ll arrive to terrify and unnerve players of this latest game.

re3 shots NemesisThe Resident Evil fan community anticipates that an official announcement regarding the game will come in the next few days. At present, Resident Evil 3 is set to release on April 3, and if these screenshots are anything to go by, it’ll provide all the enemies a player could possibly ask for.


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