There’s a new Silent Hill movie coming, Return to Silent Hill

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The video game adaptation in film and TV is seeing a renaissance, and we’re actually getting good adaptations of video games for once. So it’s with a hesitant glee that Return to Silent Hill, a sequel to the original Silent Hill film adaptation, was announced to be in development. The first Silent Hill movie isn’t a travesty, so it’s not like this announcement would have been offensive either way, but the development is exciting.

That being said, the film was visually competent yet not fantastic, which makes some of the staffing announcements somewhat concerning. The first film’s director, Christophe Gans, will return for the new sequel as the director. Return to Silent Hill will be a direct adaptation of Silent Hill 2, with producer Victor Hadida stating that the film will be “very true to the video game” and more of a “psychological horror.”


We want more Pyramid Head

Silent Hill 2 is the simple tale of a man going to the town of Silent Hill in search of a lost love. While the film will reportedly be faithful to the game, it can really take any direction it wants, as Silent Hill as a franchise is just a swirling inferno of monsters and terror. But in the end, there’s only one thing that truly matters: when can we see a modern, live-action Pyramid Head, a true horror game icon?

The announcement of the film did not come with a release window. However, the director previously stated that the film can come out as early as next year. With the announcement coming just in time for Halloween, and discussions of the sequel seemingly happening much earlier, we likely won’t have to wait past 2023 for the film to come out. Fittingly, there’s also a remake of the actual Silent Hill 2 video game in the works, which will help situate newer fans with this new movie.


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