September 5th, 2017

New Total War game announcement in two weeks

Total War: Rome 2
This is not the new Total War game. You can tell by the fact that it has a big watermark in the bottom right, telling you that it’s not the new Total War game. Thought I’d better clear up any possible confusion, though.

Creative Assembly have revealed that they’ll be revealing a new Total War title in two weeks’ time.

The reveal will take place at EGX London on 25 September – two weeks on Thursday – at Creative Assembly’s stage session, and it’ll give a first look at the next Total War in action, as well as giving me another opportunity to use some form of the word “reveal.” This new game is apparently being developed alongside new Rome 2 content and Total War: Arena, so don’t worry about those.

No hints on what it might be, but considering we’ve had Shogun 2 and Rome 2, is it perhaps time for Medieval 3 or Empire 2? Or will the franchise be visiting a brand-new era? Will it have a new engine, or will it be using another iteration of the Warscape Engine? Whatever it is, let’s hope it’s less buggy and broken than Rome 2 was at launch. We’ll find out more on 25 September.

Update: Some partially obscured images of the EGX booth have leaked online.

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