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The new Valorant agent, Chamber, makes his own weapons

Gentleman assassin.
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Riot Games has just revealed that the new agent coming to Valorant is called Chamber. There’s a stylish lore video that shows the agent possibly colluding with his alternate world counterpart. Plus, there’s a video showcasing the new Sentinel’s abilities in action. Along with the new agent reveal, Riot also released images of the cosmetics coming with next season’s battle pass.

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Riot recently announced that the new Valorant agent won’t arrive at the beginning of Episode 3 Act III as planned, due to the agent’s visual cues needing more polish. You will need to wait two weeks into the new season to try him out.


Chamber is a French weapons designer. He has a suave air about him and a confidence in his abilities. As he should, he designed them himself. The man likes to be in control. He plans meticulously and considers every detail. I thought he was going to be an assassin or spy but a weapons designer who likes to take his toys for test runs is an even cooler alternative.

Chamber’s abilities

Trademark is the Sentinel’s first ability, allowing him to place a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes into range, the trap destabilizes the terrain after a short countdown. The field lasts for a short time and slows enemies inside it. Chamber’s next ability is called Headhunter. Activating it causes him to draw a heavy pistol. You can use alternate fire to aim down sights. It is not clear if the weapon has a time or bullet limit, but I imagine it is similar to the Sheriff.

The new agent also has a mobility ability, Rendezvous. It allows him to place two teleport anchors and, when in range of one of them, he can reactivate it to quickly teleport to the other anchor. You can pick up anchors and place them again. Chamber’s Ultimate ability is essentially a free Operator. When you activate it, you summon a custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with one shot. More than that, it also creates a slow field similar to the one from his Trademark ability. As with Headhunter, this may have a limited time or number of bullets.

You got a taste of Chamber’s abilities in the above video, but you can see them in action more clearly in the video posted to the Valorant Twitter account below.

Valorant Episode 3 Act III Battlepass

A lot of the peripheral cosmetics (not weapon skins) in this pass are about the end of the year holiday season. There are some Halloween-themed cosmetics, some winter holiday options, and a little something to mark the New Year. There are also some classic Valorant memes and in-jokes. Omen crocheting an octopus is my favorite. I also enjoy the dumpster fire gun buddy.

The main thing that players are interested in, me included, are the weapon cosmetics. There are the usual three skin lines. This time we get Aero, Goldwing, and Genesis. The melee weapon falls into the Genesis range, and it looks like a bladed fist weapon. I’m a fan. You can check out the weapons below. The Episode 3 Act III Battlepass will run from November 2, 2021, until January 11, 2022.

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