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Harbor, the new Valorant agent, is finally here, and he’s a waterbending master straight out of Avatar. Just as attractive as the heroes that came before him, Harbor will channel the energy of water to splish and splash his way across the battlefield in Valorant. He’ll be a controller and will act as a competitor to Viper as a smoker who can place his vision-obscuring abilities without entering a second screen.

Unlike Viper, Harbor’s vision obstruction is a little more flexible. His water wall can curve around to cover more area. He also brings some new utility to the controller class, with an engaging tool and a large moving smoke, plus another smoke that blocks bullets when placed. A new controller agent is always welcome, and Harbor is bound to shape up the meta and offer something different for veteran controller players.


Harbor’s abilities

Harbor’s signature ability, and the one that likens him most to Viper, is his High Tide ability. High Tide creates a water wall that obscures vision. Best of all, you can control the path of the wall with your cursor, ending your wall early with your alternate fire. His next ability is Cascade, which allows him to create a huge wall of water and send it forward. Both of these abilities also slow enemies when they are hit by them.

His next ability, Cove, is a more traditional spherical smoke with a unique ability: it blocks bullets. Cove also doubles as a shield. It blocks bullets for anyone inside the smoke, but you should note that players can break Cove if they shoot enough bullets into it. Finally, his ultimate ability, Reckoning, spawns numerous water geysers that concuss enemies who are hit by them. You can check out Harbor in action in his official Valorant gameplay reveal below.

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