The Battlefield ‘is expanding’ according to EA, more info coming soon

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Battlefield is a franchise that has brought exhilarating large-scale warfare action to shooter players for many years now. From the original 1942 to the most recent Battlefield V, there have been many advances along the way. Lobby sizes have expanded, graphics have grown more advanced, and even total destruction has been introduced over the years. With powerful new hardware driving consoles and PCs alike today, it seems we’re about to make another leap forward yet again. The next Battlefield game (possibly Battlefield 6) is nearly ready for its reveal, and “it’s expanding” in many ways apparently.

Oskar Gabrielson, the general manager of DICE, shared the announcement on EA’s website. There weren’t a ton of specifics, but the most exciting part of the announcement has to be the fact that EA plans to share a lot of new information in the coming months. And that should come as no surprise since E3 is going to be back this year. Indeed, we’re returning to the summertime announcement cadence thanks to the return of the big show.


According to the project manager, EA is in daily playtesting mode for the game right now. All of the polishing, testing, bug fixing, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. The promise is to deliver bigger battles, more epic gamer moments, and more players than ever before. We’re certainly interested to see how it plays out, because, size matters. I suppose that is true for this franchise though.

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I’m frankly still blown away by the Battlefield V experience, but the “bigger and better” approach is certainly welcome. Particularly if that is in regards to game balance.

So no old tech? Just new new

Aside from raising the hype, Gabrielson reiterated how the next Battlefield game is being made by DICE, Criterion Studios, and DICE LA. Even EA Gothenburg is involved in developing new technologies for the project. While that doesn’t tell us much, if anything, the overall scale and commitment to innovation is respectable. Let’s just hope everything works as intended. While DICE is know for its amazing massive-scale games with impressive systems, it’s also known for its fair share of bugs and glitches. Best of luck to them.

Keep a lookout for more news on the next Battlefield game in the coming months. The game is still set to release later this year.

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