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No Man’s Sky Endurance update overhauls freighters, adds crew members and improved black holes

Space is a scary place.

What’s the point of flying across the galaxy in a space castle if you can’t customize it to your heart’s content? That’s what the next free update for No Man’s Sky, Endurance, hopes to let you accomplish with revamped freighters. Rooms can be altered with fresh looks and themes. Plus, the update allows you to add crew members to your base, and makes the void of space somehow less comforting with better black holes.

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But before we point out the tentacles in the black, let’s chat freighters. Developer Hello Games has completely reworked freighters in the Endurance update for No Man’s Sky. Exteriors have gotten a big upgrade with better textures and decoration, making it so your rig really stands out. You can also add exterior catwalks and platforms.


On the inside, you can customize rooms with new themes. If you feel like dressing up a room in greenery, you can. If you want to push that further, then the agricultural modules can turn your freighter into a floating farm. Hangars have also been overhauled with windows and “new machinery.”

The horrors that lurk in the deep void of space

At your base, the Endurance update gives you the option of bringing in crewmembers. Characters with specialized jobs such as pilots, captains, or technicians can populate your base, and they go about their daily jobs pausing to give you a wave.

But while that’s all nice and friendly, the No Man’s Sky Endurance update also introduces things that aren’t quite as cheerful. On your travels, you can stumble across massive fields of asteroids, which have been improved with greater draw distance and detail. You can discover massive, colorful gas clouds, which are beautiful. Or, you may find black holes, which are beautiful but also terrifying. They’ve been around in NMS, but their visuals have been changed. Getting close to one warps your vision, making them a bit more panic-inducing.

The Endurance update adds plenty more to the already massive No Man’s Sky. There are quality of life changes, new missions, and an upcoming expedition. To check out everything, hit up the official page and warm up that scroll wheel.

No Man's Sky Endurance Update Free Black Hole

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