August 29th, 2016

No Man’s Sky PC players receiving Steam refunds through support system

No Man’s Sky PC players receiving Steam refunds through support system

The No Man’s Sky saga continues with word from Steam users that they are receiving refunds but not through the usual refund system.

Valve has a two hour refund window in which you can request a full refund for a game but it seems that they are perhaps being more lenient with No Man’s Sky. Owners of the game have been using the customer support system to request a refund specifying the reasons they think they should be refunded instead of going through the Steam refund system.

No Man’s Sky owners have taken to the Steam boards to confirm that refund requests are being granted although it seems not everyone has been lucky.

Many players simply decided not to refund the game thinking they had no chance of receiving one after going over the two hour limit. However, those that have left negative reviews on Steam then contacted support explaining why they want a refund have had success.

Steam’s own No Man’s Sky active player statistics indicate a substantial drop in players since launch so perhaps they are looking at these numbers and realising there are dissatisfied customers. See the chart below courtesy of SteamDB.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky started with around 220,000 players and by the second week had dropped to 15,700.

If you are dissatisfied with the game then now would be a good time to get a support ticket posted in case the floodgates open and Valve changes their mind.

Update 28 August: As of today, a note on the No Man’s Sky Steam page states there are “no special exemptions” outside of the platform’s standard refund policy.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Atanas Ctonlob

      Which reason do you select to get a refund? technical issue, not what i expected, etc?

      • itsleo

        technical reason: multiplayer doesnt exist

      • Sam Swanson

        I think there’s an option for false advertising. Just say that the producer promised multiplayer, and it wasn’t in the final game.

      • MaxPowar

        ‘Poor performance’ or ‘False advertising’. Both work.

    • Sam Swanson

      It’ll be interesting to see how far the ownership number drops with this news.

      Here’s a link to the steam spy page:

      • Asgard

        Probably not much, as there is good chance they stop giving late refunds after this kind of advertising. And that number does not doesn’t ownership, it represent daily players. 15700 is still 15300 more then most popular vr games have.

    • Zed Clampet

      Steam has actually been very lenient with their refund rules for me in the past. As long as I was somewhere kind of near the 2 week/2 hour limit, they just refunded it.

    • Terrible One

      How long before they start offering at a discount on steam?

    • Vivid

      I got denied. Weak. Especially since nms was my 211th title. I guess being a loyal customer means shit to valve. However this states the steam refund system isn’t the way to go. Guess I’ll try again.

      • MajinFusion

        I got denied being a steam user since 2003 and with over 1,200 games. They don’t really take ” loyalty ” into consideration, which is fine, why should we expect more, but it would be nice if they gave a firm answer instead of ” no, you have more than 2 hours of play time ” while others do get through.

        • Vivid

          Why should we expect less? Because that’s the way it is? Is the fact that the way things are sucks really make it OK on any level that it sucks? Loyalty should deffinetly matter, it’s just good business, ethically and logically. It’s called not biting the hand that feeds. In a capitalist society it still logically makes sense even if ethics and decency are out the window. I guess this is where the “there is no comparative alternative” bully monopoly behavior comes in. And valve used to talk such a big game about being different. How things change…

    • will

      Took less than 24 hours for them to change their mind on refunds with the astronomical ammount of people requesting the refund.