Nobody Saves the World delayed to 2022, online co-op arriving at launch

Nobody Saves the World delayed

Nobody Saves the World is an upcoming dungeon crawler from Drinkbox Studios, the creators of the excellent Guacamelee games. You’ll get to play as a nobody, switching between over 15 different creatures including a ghost, dragon, and slug on a quest to save the world. As part of gamescom Opening Night Live’s pre-show, a new trailer showing off the game’s online co-op feature along with a delayed release date.

Despite the initial 2021 release date, Nobody Saves the World is now delayed until early 2022. Delaying games has become increasingly common given the challenges devs have faced with these past few years. Hopefully, Drinkbox will take this extra time to improve the game and deliver a polished final product at launch.


The trailer also showcased the two-player online co-op mode that allows you to explore dungeons and slay enemies along with a buddy. Your progress while playing with a friend will also carry over to your single-player saves. This will allow players to invite a friend to help them get past a certain section of the game, then carry on solo. Furthermore, online co-op will be included at the launch so you’ll be able to get the full multiplayer experience on day one.

Nobody Saves the World delayed

Multiplayer makes you stronger together.

Players will be able to combine form abilities to create custom builds to suit their playstyles with unique abilities. Online co-op lets friends combine their abilities to deal devastating blows to enemies and achieve synergy. This feature should prove useful considering the procedurally generated dungeons will grow more difficult and complex as your character gets stronger.

On another note, Nobody Saves the World will feature its own original soundtrack by Jim Guthrie, who you may recognize from Sword and Sworcery. It will be interesting to see how this wacky adventure game will turn out when it launches on PC via Steam in early 2022.
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