Not Tonight

Not Tonight Releases on August 17

Not Tonight, developed by Panic Barn and published by No More Robots, finally has a release date!

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On August 17, the world will get a post-Brexit management game that takes place in the most British place ever; outside of a pub.

England has voted to leave the EU, a far-right government is in control, citizens of European heritage have been exiled, and you are just trying to live your life. Suddenly, you are given a job as a club bouncer, where you must check IDs and make sure people have tickets before entering the bar (or pub) to get utterly smashed.

Not Tonight
This very political game allows you to fight the regime or grind on, working hard, in hopes that the world will be better soon. Your paycheck can buy you clothing, new items, and help you pay rent. Not Tonight clearly takes inspiration from Papers, Please, but brings the whole concept to the current political climate of England.

To make things more interesting, the price of the game in British Pounds will be determined by a vote on the Discord server of Not Tonight. The server is having a Second Referendum — a vote to leave the EU. If the community wants to rejoin the EU, the British price of the game will be £15.49 as the pound will recover, but there are quite a few additional things that will also happen to the server. If the community stays out of the EU then the price will increase to £16.49, but once again, there are a lot of other effects this vote will have on the server itself — all listed on the discord page, if you are curious.

Not Tonight

Of course, if you are from any other country, the game will be around $19.99. Currently, you can wishlist Not Tonight on Steam.

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