Nurijoy, The Devs Behind Djmax, Teasing Their Next Game, Project736t

So, who here is a fan of DJMax? If you’re one of the loyal few who’ve gone to arcades again and again, I’m sure you’ve seen, even played and enjoyed, this fine rhythm game import from Korea.

DJMax went through some trying times earlier this year as NeoWiz, the game’s owners, laid off dev Pentavision. However, NeoWiz bounced back to bring Technika Q to smartphones, and now, Nurijoy, made of Pentavision’s devs, are ready to reveal their next game too.

Nurijoy have shared two videos so far, one a straight up tease video, and the 2nd leaking prospective songs for the game. I have to admit, I tried looking them up but there’s nothing on YouTube.

Rather than share the 2nd video here, I’m linking you to the official site where you can get a close up look at the leaked songs (not that it really helps).

In any case, it should be fun to see Project736T go head-to-head with DJMax. Who wants to see this game on Vita and the Wii U? Share your thoughts with us below.

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