A double dose of Nvidia news, as the GPU company releases a new set of Battlefield: Hardline ready drivers and makes the pricey Titan X available for purchase.

You can find details of, and links to, the GeForce 347.88 drivers over on this page. The main focus of these is Hardline performance optimisations, along with an updated SLI profile (in case you’re running a pair of cards.) This new driver also provides support for the hefty Nvidia Titan X card.

By no coincidence whatsoever, today is also the day Nvidia has made said Titan X available for purchase through their store (and, no doubt, at other retailers.) It’s a mere $999.00 USD. No price at all, really.

In return for that gigantic price tag, you get what Nvidia is calling “the world’s fastest single-GPU graphics card.” It has a 12GB frame-buffer and, in another use of the number 12, has support for the upcoming DirectX 12.

There’s a big old detail gush about how super-duper amazing it is on this dedicated Nvidia page. Lots of 4K benchmark charts. That sort of thing.

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