Jensen Huang Nvidia Announces Salary Raises And Job Security In Face Of Covid 19 Pandemic (2)

Nvidia Geforce’s Twitter has been busy lately with driving the hype for something. As of yesterday, the company began tweeting an #UltimateCountdown hashtag with an emphasis on the previous 21 years of history at Nvidia. Furthermore, the company issued a countdown timer for September 1, with a short trailer simulating The Big Bang. The Nvidia GeForce Twitter bio reads: ”Look back before looking forward.” Given the timing of the event and the endless Nvidia Ampere rumors that have been circulating lately, we expect at least a reveal of next-generation GPUs. We expect them to dazzle us, as well.

The September 1 ”surprise” shouldn’t actually come as too much of a surprise for those who stay in the loop about hardware and the rumors related to them. Companies as vast and as interconnected as Nvidia or their rivals, commonly suffer from information leaks. Unintended leaks, investor information, and predictable product lifecycles help consumers do the guesswork. In this case, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the Nvidia Ampere reveal and it appears to be right on time.

Nvidia ampere

(credit: Nvidia)

Features galore

The added marketing flare of a 21 day/ 21 year retrospective for Nvidia gaming graphics is on-message, too. The company seems to be intent on showing off all of the advancements they’ve pioneered, and that leads up nicely to 2020. We could see more stats about next generation ray-tracing and hear about how great CEO Jensen Huang thinks it is, or perhaps see something new. The RTX series gets a lot of flak about its resource-intensive ray tracing support, but the generation added a lot of other new technologies to the GPUs as well. DLSS, dedicated NVENC encoding chips, and more features are very handy to have. It will be interesting to see what else, besides more power, the next generation of Nvidia Ampere GPUs bring.

Tune in to Nvidia’s website on September 1 at 12 PM ET to see the special event hosted by Jensen Huang and company. It’s sure to be something that any graphics enthusiast won’t want to miss.

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