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Nvidia GeForce Now adds Chromebook support, more features

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Google and Nvidia have announced today the beginning of official Nvidia GeForce Now support for ChromeOS. The cloud gaming service will allow Chromebooks to ”transform instantly into GeForce-powered distance gaming rigs.” Nvidia sells the service as being ideal for students and those constantly on-the-go. To further celebrate the beta launch on ChromeOS, Team Green also announced a bunch of new perks for Founders members. This includes a free battle pass token for Ubisoft’s Hyper ScapeSteam library integration, and more. The full launch for Nvidia GeForce Now on Chromebook is coming soon.

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Cloud gaming is still a relatively new concept for most audiences, but big tech companies see it as the future. In fact, the idea of cloud computing is already widespread in the business world, and only growing. Therefore it certainly makes sense to hear more and more about it for gaming as well. Unlike business use however, cloud gaming is a little more difficult to pull-off from a technical perspective. That’s why many companies have kept their respective services in testing phases for what seems like years now.

Ahead of the game

Nvidia GeForce Now has emerged as one of the frontrunners in the modern market, though. It certainly comes as no surprise to us to see a company with as much talent as Team Green continue to innovate. Now it is pushing further into the consumer space with official support for Google Chromebooks, which is a very big deal in regards to the casual gaming market.

Nvidia’s reach is even greater now that Chromebook has joined the PC, Mac, Android, and Shield users already using the cloud gaming service. It seems like a natural fit, as many Chromebook users value convenience and mobility. Now they don’t have to compromise when it comes to gaming either.

There are a few potential hangups when it comes to cloud gaming though. One such requirement is the need for a stable, high-bandwidth connection, particularly when it comes to 4K gaming. The other main issue relates to data caps. Just like with streaming large amounts of video, cloud gaming will blow through gigabytes of data if you let it. Therefore, not everyone has the ability to do it, but it certainly can appeal to some individuals.

Nvidia Geforce Now

Nvidia is working hard to secure deals with all of the top game developers, including CD Projekt Red. Cyberpunk 2077 is already confirmed for Nvidia GeForce Now.

Furthermore, cloud gaming is still relatively new and comes with a fair share of performance issues. That’s what makes Nvidia GeForce Now so impressive. The company seems to have a strong grasp on how to handle the complexities of the technology, while competitors like Google Stadia continue to struggle with latency concerns.

Getting started with Nvidia GeForce Now

If you want to try Nvidia GeForce Now, particularly on Chromebook, it’s easy enough to sign up. There are both free and paid subscription models for the service, but Nvidia seems to be intent on monetizing the service more and more now. The standard Founders membership is $4.99, but a special six-month offer will get you a bunch of exclusive Hyper Scape cosmetics in addition to access to the Season 1 battle pass.

Other benefits for Nvidia GeForce Now include Steam library integration and access to proprietary Nvidia technologies like Highlights, Freestyle, and Ansel. It’s certainly a sweet package if you’re willing to pay the price. One thing Nvidia doesn’t immediately tell you is that you have to buy the games you want to play. At the end of the day you are only paying for the option to stream the games. However, that may offer a lot of value for those who have access to high-bandwidth connections and don’t want to invest in a pricey gaming rig. It’s always great to have options though. You can read more about Nvidia GeForce Now on the company news blog.

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