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Further developments today in Newegg’s messaging of customers with notification that Nvidia GTX 980 and 960 may be part of the GTX 970 lawsuit settlement; the Newegg blog post about the lawsuit has been pulled.

It used to reside here, and can still be read via google cache. The blog post featured an extensive list of GPUs (including 980s, 960s and, rather oddly, AMD R9 series cards), and appeared to relate to notifications Newegg customers were receiving yesterday informing them that GPUs outside the 970 range were included as part of the recent lawsuit settlement regarding false Nvidia advertising.

The blog post stated that the list was received “from Whatley Kallas LLP, counsel for the plaintiffs”, but its removal may indicate that someone made an error here. In the lawsuit paperwork itself, reference is only ever made to the GTX 970, so it was always puzzling that other GPUs (especially AMD ones) appeared to now be involved.

We’ve contacted Newegg to see if they can clear any of this up, but at present it’s looking like everything (customer notifications, parts of the list itself) was simply a mistake. As far as is known at this point, it’s still just 970 owners who will be eligible for any kind of compensation.

Update 4 August: It’s now confirmed that emails were sent in error by Newegg. Only the GTX 970 is affected by the class action suit.

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