Nvidia speaks on manufacturing limits for RTX 30 Series and related supply issues

Nvidia Geforce Rtx 30 series Ampere graphics card GDDR6 Memory
(credit: Nvidia)

For those looking to pick up some new gaming hardware, 2020 has been rough. Every hardware launch, from new PC parts to gaming consoles has been wrought with supply limitations and scalpers picking up as much as they can. Supply shortages of Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series cards have been the most notable, with today’s new batch of RTX 3060 Ti cards selling out the same as every other card Nvidia debuted this year. However, the cause for these shortages isn’t just extreme demand or scalpers and bots. According to Nvidia CFO Colette Kress, some of these GPU supply limits have been driven by a lack of silicon supply in addition to other components.

At the Credit Suisse 24th Annual Technology Conference, Kress did admit that part of the issues with stock for Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series cards go past having enough materials to actually produce the cards. “We do have supply constraints and our supply constraints do expand past what we are seeing in terms of wafers and silicon,” Kress said . “But yes some constraints are in substrates and components.”


More hardware on the horizon

Kress went on to say that she was hopeful that Nvidia’s supplies of RTX 30 Series cards would eventually meet the massive demand. However, that level of supply won’t arrive any time soon.

“We continue to work during the quarter on our supply and we believe though that demand will probably exceed supply in Q4 for overall gaming,” Kress said. It’s no surprise, but it’s likely that you won’t find an RTX 3070 in your stocking this year.


Nvidia will likely have a large enough supply to meet the demand for RTX 30 series cards sometime next year. “We do expect it probably to take a couple of months for it to catch up to demand, “Kress said. “But at this time, it is really difficult for us to quantify.” More information on exactly when consumers can expect to find more 30 Series cards on digital and physical store shelves will be announced sometime before the end of the current fiscal quarter.

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