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    PRESS B TO KILL THESE GUYS IN A TOTALLY VISCERAL WAY … probably won’t be an option.

    Obsidian’s Adam Brennecke has told IncGamers that upcoming RPG Project Eternity (possibly to be named Pillars of Eternity,) will do its best to avoid treating the player like a small child. “While we want to make the game fun for everyone,? ?we aren’t going to treat the player like a? ?baby,? ?which for some reason has become the standard in recent years,” the game’s lead programmer says.

    “Our quests require you to think,? ?the? ?combat will be challenging,? ?the choices might be difficult,? ?and you won’t be hammered over the head with? ?quest markers.”

    Brennecke was talking about the distinction between contemporary RPGs and the Infinity Engine powered games that inspired Project Eternity’s creation. Aside from the overt hand-holding, he believes party control and the necessity for a certain degree of player imagination are the main differences.

    “You don’t see too many games with full party control with? ?6? ?party members? ?today,” he notes. “Infinity Engine games left room for the player to contribute to the? ?experience? ?-? ?some which? ?was necessitated by? ?technology,? ?the rest aesthetically … This has allowed us to both add more content and also allow players a level of active immersion sometimes lost with modern VO and animation,? ?which often fills in the blanks for the players.”

    Our full Q&A with Adam Brennecke will go up next week.

    Peter Parrish

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