Project Eternity

I know, you’ve seen this picture a lot. Still nice though, isn’t it?

The latest Project Eternity update celebrates one year since the RPG was launched by Obsidian on Kickstarter. It includes a Q&A with developer Hector Espinoza, promises of a major update to come before Thanksgiving and details of an upcoming backer portal (which will consolidate project updates, and show backers how much they pledged to the game.)

That’s all quite interesting, but an additional snippet of information appears to be available from the posted screenshots of said backer portal. If you read the (rather small, due to the resolution) text on the images, it refers to the game as Pillars of Eternity at various points. It appears this is, at the very least, a new internal name for the game.

In the first image, the text says “Introducing Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity” down the right-hand column. Whereas in the second shot, it states “Welcome to the Pillars of Eternity Backer Portal.” Click to make them both larger, obviously.

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