January 13th, 2017

Oculus says Zenimax lawsuit is “wasteful litigation”. Case gets underway

Oculus says Zenimax lawsuit is “wasteful litigation”. Case gets underway

With the Zenimax vs Oculus court case now underway, Oculus has come out fighting in a statement released today.

The case of Zenimax vs Oculus has been a long time coming , it was filed back in 2014. Zenimax accuses Oculus of stealing the intellectual property of Zenimax with their case stating that they had “illegally misappropriating ZeniMax trade secrets relating to virtual reality technology, and infringing ZeniMax copyrights and trademarks”.

Zenimax also claims that work carried out by John Carmack while he was still with Zenimax was used by Oculus.

A statement released to UploadVR from Oculus calls the case “wasteful litigation”.

“We’re eager to present our case in court. Oculus and its founders have invested a wealth of time and money in VR because we believe it can fundamentally transform the way people interact and communicate. We’re disappointed that another company is using wasteful litigation to attempt to take credit for technology that it did not have the vision, expertise, or patience to build.”

The case is expected to take around three weeks to conclude.

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