Official new Starfield timeline reveals big years and events to know

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Starfield is showing all the signs of being one of the year’s biggest releases. There is a lot we haven’t known about the futuristic world in which it takes place, however. Bethesda has now provided a detailed timeline that reveals big years and events that transpire between the present day and the point when the story’s main beats hit.

The official Starfield timeline is available to peruse on the game’s dedicated site. It singles out the big years and events that lead to the space exploration players will enjoy when the game officially releases on September 6, 2023. That’s a full 27 years before the first developments within the game’s timeline.

Starfield Official Timeline Reveals Big Years And Events

Image by Bethesda

A timeline filled with alliances, wars, and treaties

According to the timeline, humans first arrive on Mars in 2050. Early habitation leads to space colonies by 2100. In 2159, the United Colonies are established, with New Atlantis being designated as the official capital city in 2161.

In 2189, the Freestar Collective alliance is formed. Tensions soon develop between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. As a result of those ever-increasing tensions, the Narion War finally erupts in 2196. Wars often continue for years, and that is the case once again. Two decades after the initial skirmishes, however, the Treaty of Narion establishes an uneasy peace.

Some treaties cast long shadows, however. Following various events and some quiet decades (the farming of the planet Vesta in the Lunara system chief among them), diplomacy fails to prevent a new war. This one is known as the Colony War. It kicks off in 2307 and lasts through 2311.

The full timeline details a number of other events and entities. Key details include the creation and growth of an organization known as Constellation. Founded in the year 2275 by Sebastian Banks, Constellation remains active in the background. By 2328, a number of important individuals have freshly joined the aging organization. The stage is set for events that unfold as Starfield begins in 2330 A.D.

Sprawling epics demand a compelling backstory and a sense of place. Starfield seems to have nailed those details. It’s too early to say for certain whether Starfield will be as successful as Baldur’s Gate 3. That other game also has a lot of lore that players love. If the intriguing timeline is any indication, competition between the two games could be fierce. Hopefully, treaties won’t prove necessary.

Starfield is available for pre-purchase on Steam.

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