It’s going to be a dicey finish for 22cans’ Project Godus. With three days to go in the Kickstarter campaign, the team are still £100,000 GBP short of the £450,000 GBP goal. To help generate a few more donations (and to fulfill a promise made on Friday), Molyneux and crew have released a full prototype video showing the game in one of its earliest forms.

No over-the-shoulder shakeycam here; it’s all on-screen for you to see. The video shows some highly Populous-esque activities, such as the flattening landscapes for tiny people to populate, the dangers of expansion into rival territory and full-on fights breaking out between the little citizens.

There aren’t any god-like (or Godus-like) powers on show, but the 22cans team does stress at the beginning and end of the trailer that this prototype is very early work and was put together in two weeks time. Why develop the prototype during the Kickstarter instead of launching with a video like this? Who knows. Molyneux works in curious ways.

Peter Parrish

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