The latest BioWare ‘studio insider’ post about Star Wars: The Old Republic features the first of several planned Community Q&A sessions about the game.
In this edition, the team addresses the role played by Advanced Classes in the game and suggests that said classes will not be locked into specific duties (such as tanking.) “Each of the advanced classes is a full, flexible class with various trees that allow specialization,” the reply states. “So although the Juggernaut is perhaps best suited to play a ‘tanking’ role, a player could specialize in other roles depending on what skills they choose.”
The post also confirms that group quests can be undertaken by any combination of classes. “You can make a group of any mix of classes, including four of the same,” the reply reads. “There are several play groups here that enjoy doing just that.” This should mean there’ll be no sitting around and waiting for a specific player-type to show up before the quest can start.
If you want your own query about the game answered in the next Q&A round-up, head over to the Old Republic forums and post in the Community Q&A thread.
Look below to see artist Diego Almazan’s concept art for a Flesh Raider, also featured in the blog update.


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