Omerta: City of Gangsters demo available

Omerta: City of Gangsters

Kalypso has announced the release of a demo for Omerta:City of Gangsters, the upcoming tactical turn-based strategy title.

The demo features two levels from the single player game as you attempt to take control of Atlantic City in the Prohibition era. Which reminds me, when is Boardwalk Empire restarting a new season?

You can find al the links to download the demo over on the official website¬†where there’s also more info of what to expect from the game which launches net month.

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  • Paul Younger

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    • Peter Parrish

      A quick comment on this, since I’m currently playing the full game for review. If this is the very first two levels, it’s about the worst possible demo they could have released – those early levels are lacking a whole lot of stuff that makes later levels more interesting.