One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows February release date

At long last, players will finally be able to grasp the power of One Punch Man for themselves! Bandai Namco announced today that the game One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will arrive on Feb. 28 for PC. Based on the anime of the same name, it’s sure to feature some brutal fights — all with the power of One Punch.

What is One Punch Man all about?

Though the description on the official game page is brief, it does give players an idea of what to expect. In the game, players will form their dream team of favorite heroes and villains, learning special techniques along the way. Then they’ll be all set for a fight, seeing who reigns supreme in the world of One Punch Man.

Those that preorder the game will get the following extras, according to Bandai Namco:

  • Early access to the alternative version of Saitama: Saitama (Dream Version). Coming straight from one of his dreams and allowing him to enjoy a fair fight without defeating his opponent in one blow.
  • An exclusive Avatar Part: the Saitama mask
  • Two exclusive outfits: Saitama (Jersey) and Saitama (Black Suit)

In addition to that, three more playable characters are now confirmed for the game. Their official descriptions are as follows:

  • Metal Knight: An S-class hero, sixth in the hero association strength ranking. Very few people know his real identity as he fights exclusively using a remotely controlled robot.
  • Stinger: One of the new rising stars of the Hero Association, he is a talented Spear wielder currently ranked as an A-class hero.
  • Melzargard: A very powerful Alien monster, his total control over his body shape allows him to regenerate and make his attacks hard to predict.

Finally, Bandai Namco confirmed that the game will feature both English and Japanese voiceovers. This is sure to be good news for fans of the anime that have their preferences.

No Steam (or any other platform) page for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows exists yet. But keep checking on the official page to find out when it’ll be ready to go.

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