Operation Mania


You may remember playing Operation, the board game as a child, teenager, or even adult; the game where you had to pick out random bits of body from a Rudolph type patient (Cavity Sam) without having to touch the edges. If you do, then you’ll be glad to hear, like I was, that the game has been adapted for the PC.

EA will be in charge, and it will fall under their casual games branch, but it won’t just be pulling out dubious body parts from a patient.  Instead you’ll see yourself as an up and coming surgeon trying to establish yourself in a world of mad diseases and illness.  It’s a cross between Theme Hospital and Operation the board game.  You’ll be expected to manage hospitals, diagnose patients and, of course, do operations.

You’ll find 35 levels in five different locations in the story mode, as well as a multiplayer mode too.

The game will be out in August across North America and the UK and is set to retail at $19.95 US with no price yet confirmed for Europe.

Paul Younger
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