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Are you wondering how to unlock Program X in The Outlast Trials so you can join the reborn? A tutorial tip from the loading screen says you need to complete all core programs to earn access to Program X. However, this is extremely vague and is easier said than done. That sentence doesn’t explain precisely what you must do to complete all core programs or any tips or tricks to make it easier. Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock Program X in The Outlast Trials, how to beat Program X, and what to do afterward.

How to unlock Program X in The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials Program 1

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To access Program X, it’s necessary to finish all four trials of each Program for 15 trials. Keep in mind the grade level you earn doesn’t affect your ability to unlock Program X. What counts is surviving the trial!

Each program consists of the following:

  • Base Trial
  • MK-Challenges
  • 3 Variators Trial
  • Final Exam (6 Variators)

This may be unclear because you unlock the next Program after completing the first trial in your current Program. However, you will quickly see that Program X does not unlock after completing the Orphanage.

The final step involves taking an exam, which can be challenging. However, I discovered I could complete each exam once I reached level 10 because this level unlocks Amps that offer helpful abilities, such as the Slippers that let you move on broken glass without making any sound.

In addition, I also found the Pharmacy upgrades that provided me with additional stamina and health were crucial because getting hurt by enemies will take more life away. Finally, the Rigs that let you take the offensive, like stunning or confusing enemies, are essential to your survival, especially if you play entirely solo, as I did.

How to Beat Program X in The Outlast Trials

Join The Reborn The Outlast Trials

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Upon finishing Program X, you will receive 10 Reborn Tokens that will enable your escape from the Merkoff facility. However, it must be noted that Program X comprises ten trials, so it’s not a one-time effort. You will earn one Reborn Token upon completing a single trial under Program X. You can continue to replay trials to earn better grades and more levels which will allow you to purchase additional Prescriptions and Rig upgrades.

What to Do After Beating Program X in The Outlast Trials?

The Receptionist The Outlast Trials

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Once you successfully conquer Program X, you’ll need to have a chat with the receptionist to gain access to the final trial (for now, at least). This ultimate challenge is Farewell Mansion, a more demanding version of the opening tutorial.

Upon completing Farewell Mansion, you’ll achieve Reborn status, the game’s prestige system. Although your progress in Programs 1-3 and unlocked cosmetics will remain intact, your progress with Program X will be reset.

Red Barrels has planned to introduce additional content via their seasonal roadmap system after The Outlast Trials exits Early Access, ensuring that the game doesn’t end after reaching this point.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing The Outlast Trials on my Steam Deck.

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