Outriders Epic Legendary Item Titanium Farming Guide Best Farming Locations Feat

As an online looter shooter, Outriders allows you to farm epic and legendary items for your characters. Likewise, the game features player-friendly mechanics that let you replay story points (parts of the campaign). As such, you can find ways to so you can gather more equipment and even resources to help you with crafting. Here’s our guide that outlines the best farming spots to help you obtain epics and legendaries in Outriders.

Note: Stay tuned for our Outriders guides and features hub, coming soon. We also encourage you to check out our World Tier/progression guide and Expeditions endgame guide as these are related to the whole looter shooter gameplay loop. Likewise, because of certain images and tooltips, this guide will contain minor spoilers.


Outriders farming guide: The best locations to farm epics, legendaries, and resources

There are several locations in Outriders that are viable for epic and legendary farming activities. Some encounters, meanwhile, provide a decent means of obtaining resources. We’ll tackle all of these in our Outriders farming guide, so you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

Outriders Epic Legendary Item Titanium Farming Guide Best Farming Locations

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