Overload, the Kickstarter-in-progress by former creators of Descent to fund a successor, will be gaining a multiplayer component if the project is successfully financed. That decision was announced today in an update post by Revival Productions.

“We always wanted to have multiplayer and believed we would eventually, but we did not feel comfortable making a public commitment to it,” the post reads, citing internal concerns about how committing time and effort to multiplayer could adversely affect the single player aspects of the game.

The compromise is to stay focused on the single player and (if the Overload Kickstarter is funded), complete that for a March 2017 release window. Then, a multiplayer mode will following in six to eight months time, and be free to anybody who backed at the “Digital Edition” reward level or above.

“We are not sure on the scope, but it will include the competitive modes and key features that kept Descent going for over 20 years,” they say.

Here’s the prototype trailer for the ongoing project. Overload currently has around $88,000 of a required $300,000 raised, with some 23 days still to go.

Peter Parrish

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