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Blizzard, in general, has always had fun teasing new heroes for Overwatch. Maps have frequently included hints and teasers for new heroes, some intentional, some not. But there are certainly new hints for upcoming heroes in the new Overwatch 2 maps, and the Reddit sleuths are on the case. How do we know that these hints exist? A recent interview from Polygon with Lead Narrative Designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, that’s how.

In the interview with Polygon, Jurgens-Fyhrie was there to discuss the inception of the newest tank hero, Ramattra. But the more teasing piece of the interview came at the end, where Jurgens-Fyhrie revealed that Blizzard had already inserted some hints for upcoming heroes in the Overwatch 2 maps Esperança and Midtown. Esperança’s clues seem to be physically present within the map, while Jurgens-Fhyrie implied that the Midtown map had voice lines instead.

Hints exist for the next Overwatch 2 heroes

After the Polygon interview broke, fans on Reddit were quick to investigate and scour the maps for clues. A certain amount of Scooby-Dooing later, and there was one big clue players were able to discover. The biggest potential seems to be a previously teased character, McCloud, as there is a portrait of him on a horse hanging on a wall in Esperança. McCloud is a character envisioned well before Overwatch‘s official release, a concept for the game’s initial existence as the MMORPG Titan.

Fans also found references to a new material known as “durovidro,” which was invented by Cláudio Martins and was used for creating the Great Wall. A portrait of him and his husband, Hector Martins, is also found on the map, implying the next Overwatch 2 hero may be some sort of wall-builder like Symmetra or Mei. Blizzard mentioned during a recent event that the next hero will be Support. Regardless, you can be the sleuth yourself and loiter around the Esperança and Midtown maps if you’re curious.

Meanwhile, Ramattra just released at the start of Season 2, and those who purchased the battle pass can try him out today.

Upcoming Hero 1 upcoming heroes

A painting of McCloud. Screenshot by PC Invasion

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