Overwatch 2 is getting a support hero next, according to Blizzard

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Damage players, step aside. It’s time for us support players to get what we deserve. Overwatch 2 is filled with tanks and damage characters, and with tanks possessing so much power and a massive arsenal of damage characters to choose from, it often feels like a chore to play support. One of the issues is the lack of variety among support heroes. It is still the class with the least playable characters, and they tend to be the most vulnerable. Which is why getting a new support hero in Overwatch 2 will be much welcomed.

As spotted by PCGamesN, that should happen soon. There was a recent meet & greet event in Korea for Overwatch 2 with the commercial leader and VP at Blizzard Jon Spector. Spector explained how lengthy the hero development process can get, before confirming that the next hero in the game will indeed be a support hero. As for which archetype this healer will fill, it’s hard to say, but it would be nice to get another offensive off-healer.

“It starts with figuring out a concept that players can enjoy,” Spector said. “You have to be able to get into the worldview. Proceed in a direction that can broaden the overall hero pool. Each hero role is properly harmonized and released in order. Ramattra is a season 2 charge hero, and the next hero will be a stronger support hero.”

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The next, new Overwatch 2 hero is a ‘stronger support hero’

A shake-up for the class is desperately needed, as even the newest hero Kiriko wasn’t enough to stir the support queue in a healthy direction. Kiriko was a fine addition to the game, contributing heavily to the game’s meta and adding a new layer of protection with her Protection Suzu’s ability to cleanse and block damage. Kiriko is only the eighth support hero in the game, compared to the (soon-to-be) twelve tank heroes and seventeen damage heroes. So really, we need more choices.

Meanwhile, Overwatch 2 is still getting plenty of new content, with Ramattra on the way as the 12th tank hero. Ramattra’s abilities have recently been revealed, so it’s a good time to study up on his purported mechanics before getting ready to unlock him. (Oh good, more grinding of the battle pass I suppose.)

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