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An Overwatch 2 hotfix was released today, nerfing some egregious balance anomalies like Sojourn and Kiriko, but Roadhog managed to escape. Roadhog was also intended to get changes during this hotfix, but those who main the One-Man Apocalypse will be glad he didn’t. A tweet from Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson indicated that tech issues delayed the Roadhog changes, and his one-shot hook combo will be impacted and capability reduced.

Alterations are coming following the last hotfix. In the latest hotfix, the over-buffed Doomfist was weakened. His rocket punch cooldown is increasing from three to four seconds. Power block damage mitigation is increasing from 80 to 100. Finally, the temporary health he gains by using The Best Defense ability is decreased from 40 to 35 HP. Overall, Doomfist is a little less overwhelming, but still has all of the buffs that keep his disruption strong. Ramattra got some love as well, increasing his movement speed in Nemesis Form and allowing him to put down more shields.

Hotfixes are back

Sojourn’s slide isn’t swift enough to dodge the nerf hammer. The hotfix increases her Railgun primary fire spread by 28%. Her Disruptor Shot no longer slows enemies, and the cooldown of her Power Slide is increasing from six to seven seconds. She’s still strong, and likely still a little broken, but this is a start. Ana was one of the only heroes in this hotfix to get buffs. The damage and healing from her Biotic Rifle is increased from 70 to 75, and her Bionic Grenade effect is buffed from three to four seconds.

The big Roadhog in the Overwatch 2 room is, well, Roadhog, and he’s been a dominant force in the meta lately. Kiriko’s cleanse evaporates all of Roadhog’s weaknesses, allowing him to easily go in, get a pick, and heal away in safety. In addition, other tanks like Doomfist and Winston are often countered by the high-HP Roadhog. However, he’s going to see a nerf soon according to Dawson. In an interview with Steamers Emongg and Flats on December 15, Dawson stated a futureĀ Overwatch 2 hotfix will nerf the one-shot combo of Roadhog.

“Mentioned this on stream but there were some tech issues with the planned Roadhog changes,” Dawson wrote. “Those will come out mid/late January. We’ll be nerfing his one-shot capability. Down the line he’ll get a soft rework that positions him better as a Tank for 5v5.”

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