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Overwatch 2‘s latest beta has come to an end, and dedicated players have received a bit of a clue on the next hero coming to the game. Fans who were around when Sombra was initially teased will get a bit of déjà vu with a new hint at the upcoming hero. As spotted by Dexerto, when the Overwatch 2 beta went offline on July 19, Blizzard inserted a code for players to check out in the text chat — decoded into a little message that read: “What does the fox say?”

It would be surprising if Blizzard inserted this meme-ish line into the game and have it mean nothing. I fully expect the third beta to include a new fox-like Support hero. It’s not just this little line too that indicates the appearance of a secret character. A trailer released back in June also hinted at the existence of this new hero, as the trailer showed several heroes on the Kanezaka map chasing after a blue, foxy spirit.


Someone at Blizzard likes those old videos

Support heroes have been in short supply throughout most of Overwatch‘s lifespan. And this issue was aggravated in Overwatch 2 as many support players felt as if they were getting the short end of the stick. While many Tank and DPS heroes received reworks to fit Overwatch 2‘s new gameplay changes, Support heroes felt mostly the same. This was not ideal with the shift in gameplay. The issue is slowly alleviated as time progressed. If this new champ is a Support, it will hopefully move things towards a positive direction even more.

The way Overwatch 2 is teasing out this new fox hero is similar to how they teased Sombra back in her release. So hopefully this is the norm going forward. Fun reveals like this help build intrigue for new heroes, and this new Overwatch 2 Kanezaka fox-hero is certainly on my radar now.

Overwatch 2 Fox

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