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Overwatch 2 players are upset about the Season 7 skin bundle’s pricing

Oh Blizzard.

With the seventh Season of Overwatch 2 finally dropping, players are getting a look at the new cosmetics. While some are available through the Battle Pass, some free and others not, many skins are only available through the digital store. Advertised alongside the new Season was a Diablo 4 crossover, except it’s not exactly cheap. Overwatch 2 players are upset about the Season 7 exclusive skin bundle’s pricing, and complaining about it online.

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Overwatch 2 Season 7 exclusive skin bundle’s pricing isn’t cheap, and fans are upset

This is just one out of many Reddit posts I’ve spotted on the Overwatch subreddit complaining about the Diablo 4 skins being locked behind a pricey bundle. This user explained how it costs $39.99 USD, and you can only purchase the skins alongside the bundle.

Here are all the items in this exclusive bundle:

  • 20 Battle Pass Tier Skips
  • Premium Battle Pass (Season 7)
  • 2000 Overwatch Coins
  • Inarius Skin (Pharah)
  • Lilith Skin (Moira)
  • Pumpkin Skin (Bastion)
  • Be Beautiful Highlight Intro (Moira)
  • Inarius’s Side Spray (Pharah)
  • Lilith’s Side Spray (Pharah)

Although this is quite a bit of items, including the Premium version of the Battle Pass, the complaints aren’t just the pricing. You can’t purchase any of the Diablo 4 skins by themselves, you must get the bundle if you want even one of them.

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Reddit users in the comments of this post are complaining about how Blizzard advertised these skins for the Season. It seems they figured the skins would be available in the shop or the Battle Pass.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Skin Bundles Pricing
Image: Blizzard

What I find interesting is that you get 2000 Overwatch Coins with the bundle, which would cost you around $20 USD. And since the Premium Battle Pass costs $20, the rest of the items in the bundle are worth $20, alongside the $20 worth of Overwatch Coins. Perhaps Blizzard thought players would use girl math to think this is practically free, but that doesn’t seem to be the outcome.

There are other responses playing devil’s advocate, saying that the game’s free and this is typical for free-to-play games. But Blizzard also has an egregious history of overcharging their players with microtransactions.

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