Following Moira’s BlizzCon reveal, Blizzard has now launched her into Overwatch with the new patch which is now live.

Moira is the main addition in this patch update but it does come with some changes for Ana, Lucio, Mercy, and Winston.

Wielding both regenerative and degenerative technologies at her fingertips, MoiraO’Deorain is Talon’s ambitious geneticist who seeks the knowledge to rewrite the building blocks of human life by any means necessary.

Moira’s cutting-edge capabilities make her a mobile healer and damage dealer capable of adapting to any situation. Her main attack is Biotic Grasp, which she can use to either heal allies or sap an enemy’s life force. Biotic Grasp’s primary fire sprays a cone of energy that heals all teammates within range, draining biotic energy while active, which will replenish slowly over time. Her alternate fire is a beam that tethers to enemies, dealing damage and siphoning health. Draining her foes’ health regenerates Moira’s biotic energy even faster, allowing more healing for her allies.

Her Biotic Orb ability launches a sphere of energy that bounces around the battlefield, healing nearby allies or damaging enemies until it dissipates. Fade enables Moira to disappear out of sight and sprint through the shadows, and makes her invulnerable for its duration. When Moira’s ultimate is ready to be unleashed, she can cast Coalescence—a powerful, long-range beam of chaotic energy that pierces through barriers to heal allies or damage enemies in its path.

The full patch notes with a list of fixes and more can be checked out on Battle.Net. Also note, the Overwatch free weekend is live so everyone can check out Moira and all the other heroes for free.

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