Overwatch Season 6 changes detailed in new dev update

Overwatch Season 6 changes detailed in new dev update

Jeff Kaplan is back with another Overwatch developer update which specifically focuses on changes coming to the game in Season 6.

The first major change is that the season is moving from a three-month long season to a two-month long season. Jeff explains that during testing competitive play they tried one month seasons but the season was just too short. They then implemented three month seasons but based on feedback they seem higher engagement at the start of a season and games are more competitive. Blizzard now wants to try a middle ground which would be a two month season.

Competitive points are being changes due to the shorter season. More competitive points per win will be dished out starting in Season 6 due to it being shorter than usual. Skill rating decay is also being tweaked and instead of seven games per week five will be required. Decay will also be reduced to 25 from 50 skill rating. Jeff also says they have other ideas to try with skill rating decay.

Control Maps are currently a best out of five but most are going into overtime which means there are long match times. In Season 6 control maps will be changed to a best out of three instead of five.

Placements are also being changes to place player more accurately. Currently, players are being placed lower than they should be to allow them to climb early in the season but this isn’t working for everyone. In Season 6 players will be placed more accurately based on their skill rating.

These are quite substantial changes to the Overwatch seasons so watch Jeff explain everything in detail.

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