Overwatch Sombra ARG news report indicates the end is coming

Overwatch Sombra ARG news report indicates the end is coming

Blizzard appears to be getting ready to finally put the Overwatch Sombra ARG to bed with a lore news report which was posted on the Overwatch site.

After weeks of deciphering code on websites, the game looks like it could conclude on 1 November. The news report reveals that Sombra is a backer collective, in other words, all the fans who have been trying to decipher the ARG who have “been working in the public interest”.

The report tells the story of LumériCo CEO Guillermo Portero who is implicated in corruption and misuse of company funds to expand LumériCo’s facilities throughout Mexico.

The Los Muertos organisation, which is a gang of Mexican revolutionaries, have come out in support of the Sombra collective and a “protest” is being organised for 1 November to coincide with the launch of LumériCo’s Dorado nuclear power plant.

1 November is the day to watch out for but perhaps Blizzard will hold off with any major news until BlizzCon on 4 November. It’s all thankfully coming to a head.



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