Pac-Man World Re-Pac is a remake of a ’90s PlayStation classic

Pac-Man World Re-Pac

Fans of Pac-Man were treated to the announcement of a new game earlier today when Pac-Man World Re-Pac was revealed in Nintendo’s Direct Mini Partner Showcase. The trailer showcases the game’s unique take on Pac-Man, as well as a ton of graphical upgrades. If you’ve wanted a fun platformer featuring gaming’s favorite spherical character, you’re in luck.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac is a remake of a beloved classic platformer from the ’90s. Pac-Man World was originally a PlayStation title from 1999. Back then it was easy to consider it a riff on Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. But these days, it’s rarer to see a 3D platformer like this. In fact, there’s a large audience waiting for more games like Pac-Man World Re-Pac.


The premise of this remake is fairly simple. Pac-Man is trying to save his friends from the ghosts that have kidnapped them. He’ll have to make his way through six worlds in order to find and rescue them. That’s pretty much it as far as the story goes. But, instead of playing like the usual maze game that Pac-Man games are known for, we’ve got a 3D platformer.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac

Pac-Man World Re-Pac seems to be getting an impressive facelift. The environments are full of color and detail while the general style of the 1999 original has largely been left intact. That goes for the gameplay too, which seems to retain its simplicity. Again, if you’re looking for a simple 3D platformer, this looks like it’s ticking a lot of the right boxes. In comparison to the recent crossover Fortnite event, this is sure to please fans a bit more.

Save Pac-Man’s friends later in August

Beyond a glimpse at what we can expect from Pac-Man World Re-Pac, the trailer doesn’t reveal too much. With that said, we did get a release date for the game. Pac-Man World Re-Pac will release on August 26 for Steam. Players who want to relive a classic from their childhood won’t have to wait too long to play the game again.

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