Fortnite Pac-Man crossover June 2

Epic Games does not shy away from releasing crossovers into Fortnite. In the past, crossovers have featured in the battle pass and as purchasable items in the in-game store. Most recently, the collection of Marvel crossovers was increased with the addition of Scarlet Witch. Also, there were two weeks of Star Wars celebrations to kick off May the 4th. Now, another crossover is getting ready to launch into Fortnite, as Pac-Man is joining the action to celebrate the yellow fellow’s anniversary.

Pac-Man is a beloved video game franchise, which began life as an arcade game. Over the years, Namco’s pill-muncher expanded over the years for more games, Pac-Man cameos in movies, and tons of merch. Over the weekend, Namco celebrated Pac-Man‘s birthday, sharing a tweet to commemorate the 42-year anniversary. The Fortnite Twitter account then went on to reply to the tweet with a simple “Happy Birthday.”


Fans speculated that the two franchises would cross paths. And soon after, the Japanese Pac-Man website broke the news that he’ll join the Fornite crew on June 2.

Welcoming Pac-Man to the world of Fortnite

The Pac-Man and Fornite crossover will include plenty of items based on the character. However, we don’t know what the Pac-Man cosmetics could look like or entail. The website announcement, translated via Google, simply reads: “Items with the ‘Pac-Man‘ motif will appear.” The odds are probably not good if you’re thinking about rolling around the island in a Pac-Man skin. It’s likely that more details will be shared before the crossover officially launches in June.

We never imagined we would be pushing back the IO in Fortnite with Pac-Man cosmetics, but it seems the possibilities for crossovers are endless. With Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 coming to an end, it will be interesting to see what crossovers are in store for the upcoming season.

Fortnite And Pac Man Crossover

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