Star Guardian Urgot takes flight League of Legends meme Riot Games true

One of the biggest League of Legends memes is finally arriving for April Fools’ Day tomorrow. The upcoming patch 10.7 on April 1 for League of Legends showcases the release of Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot, a fan-requested skin in response to the long-running meme of Star Guardian Urgot. Ever since the Star Guardian skin line first came out in 2016 (not including Lux), fans have always jokingly asked for this skin’s existence. It is by far one of the biggest memes in League of Legends history.

And it’s for that very reason why Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot will leave an undeniable impact on the community as a whole.

Star Guardian Urgot takes flight League of Legends meme Riot Games true

History of fan associated skins

Over the years, League of Legends has been home to many amazing and terrible skins alike. In fact, quite a few skins in League of Legends were designed in reaction to the fanbase itself.

A prime example of such a skin is Devil Teemo. For years, many players have called the adorable Yordle the devil himself due to his play style and kit being very annoying to face. It was because of this that Little Devil Teemo became popular when it was released. Since then, there has only been one fan-requested skin for Pizza Delivery Sivir.

A lot of popular fan ideas never become realized in League of Legends. An example of this was in 2015 when there was a following for a Dunkmaster skinline. Dunkmaster Darius was a very popular legendary skin at the time. So with the release of the newest champion Illaoi, fans thought she would bring about said Dunkmaster skin line. So it was a huge disappointment when Dunkmaster Ivern came out early last year instead.

Riot Games doesn’t always listen to its fanbase. Following this notion, the design team itself even stated through in-game interactions that Star Guardian Urgot would never become a thing. Star Guardian Urgot appeared to have just become another meme.

Star Guardian Urgot takes flight League of Legends meme Riot Games true

So where does that leave us?

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot is proof that the Riot Games’ design team is willing to humor the League of Legends community after all. Sure, it took four years, but with the toxicity the community has against Riot Games’ balance team and many iterations to the game, this skin is a major step towards what could be a healthier relationship between Riot Games and the League of Legends fanbase.

Riot Games won’t always accept fan-requested ideas. But at least now, people know that they are willing to listen.

Now we just need K/DA Gragas.

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