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Palworld: All Pal jobs and Work Suitability, explained

Whistle while you work!

If you’re hopping into Palworld for the first time and are a little confused at all the Work Suitability types, here are all the Pal jobs and what they mean.

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Certain Pal types can perform specific jobs at your base, but only ones they’re skilled at. Here’s what each Work Suitability type means.

All Work Suitability types and Pal jobs in Palworld

If you check your Paldeck, you can see on each Pal type there are either one or a few different Work Suitabilities highlighted. They also have a level from one to four, which tells you how efficient they’ll be at the job. Let’s go over all the Pal jobs and Work Suitability types in Palworld.

Palworld: All Pal jobs and Work Suitability, explained
Screenshot: Pocketpair


Given to Pals with the Fire element, the Kindling job will allow certain Pals to generate Fire. This can be just to simply light decorative torches, or even help you cook meals faster at a campfire. They also tend to things like furnaces to produce Ingots while you’re away.


If you have Berry Plantations, you’ll want a Pal with the Planting job. These Pals will simply help plant a fresh crop of new seeds after the last batch has been harvested. You’ll typically see Grass type Pals have this skill.


This job is given to a plethora of Pals to allow them to help you create things faster. If you’re crafting items at a bench, they’ll come over and make the work a little faster for you. This is a pretty general job given to many different Element types.


Lumbering does what you think, this Pal will help chop down trees for you if you have a Logging Site. Place one on your base and they’ll begin to cut down trees to make Wood for you. This is another general job available to many Pals.

Medicine Production

Most often available to Grass types, Medicine Production is a rare job allowing Pals to work at a Medicine Station. From what we know, this station cannot produce healing items to heal yourself, but you can make items that can buff you or treat certain things like colds and sprains.


Pals with the Transporting Work Suitability know how to transport goods from one place to the next. They can take things like wood and stone and place them in chests. This makes it so that you won’t have goods just lying around in the open.

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As you can expect, Pals with the Watering job will water your crops for you. They can also power certain stations like The Crusher, which requires a Water type Pal to power the wheel. Yes, Water Pals will most often have this skill.

Generating Electricity

If you have a contraption that requires electricity, you’ll need a Pal with the Generating Electricity job. Obviously, these are delegated to Electric type Pals, but most of these builds will unlock much later in your game.


Gathering Pals know how to harvest crops from things like Berry Plantations. While you’re gone, they’ll be able to gather all the harvestable crops to get ready for the next planting.


Pals with the Mining Work Suitability can work at places like the Stone Pit at your base. Just like the Lumbering skill, but for mining stone, these Pals will slowly mine stone for you.


Ice-type Pals will most likely have the Cooling job, allowing them to keep things like fridges cool. You’ll unlock this later on, which will allow you to keep food fresh for much longer.


Farming Pals actually have nothing to do with food crops. Instead, Pals with the Farming job will be able to interact with the Ranch at your base. Using the Ranch will allow certain Pals to generate products like Wool, Milk, and much more.

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