Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record will take a VR tour of the three Saturn games in 2021

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Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record was unveiled during yesterday’s Upload VR Showcase 2020: Summer Edition. It will feature all three Panzer Dragoon games from the Sega Saturn — made for VR. Voyage RecordVR, get it? It’s about as clever as Konami with Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow on the Nintendo DS. The collection of VR games is set to land on the PC in 2021.

As mentioned, Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record will include episodes collected from all three games from the Saturn era. Yes, this includes Panzer Dragoon Saga, the fabulously rare and only RPG of the series. Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga (Azel), will be included as part of the omnibus.

The games will be presented as VR-only, however. Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record is a port the original games, offering full 360-degree head movement. At least, I believe they will be standard ports, and not full remakes or remasters. Developer Wildman hasn’t been all that clear on all the details. The somewhat baffling trailer for the omnibus also doesn’t help answer many questions.

Flight of confusion

Crowdfunding for “more episodes” will begin during this year — which sounds off to me. This leads me to believe that it might be Sega approved, but not necessarily Sega supported. The developer hasn’t said much beyond the teaser, especially regarding what sections of the game will be on display.

This is an odd one, to be sure. Panzer Dragoon and its sequel sound like they could work in VR. As simple, on-rails shooters, the ability to take in the vistas from all angles sounds nice. I’m not as convinced of Saga, however. As an RPG, it has little to gain with a virtual reality upgrade. As for the rest of the questions, I suppose we won’t have answers until Panzer Dragoon: Voyage Record takes flight.

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