Paradox removes their titles from SteamSpy

Paradox removes their titles from SteamSpy

The popular Steam game tracking site SteamSpy has removed all Paradox date from the site at their request.

Earlier today Paradox’ Shams Jorjani posted a couple of Tweets regarding data on SteamSpy which will have been in relation to this removal request.

“While Steamspy clearly states it’s just “owners” – not “sold” many still just go: Owners x full price = tons of money – please give us $$$. Ive met countless devs that have showed me flawed business plans hinging entirely on the “owners” figure reported by Steamspy on competitors”

The SteamSpy data is not accurate by any means as Shams points out but it does give a rough idea of what’s being played/sold/owned.

Whether this move is related to the recent Paradox IPO is unknown but it would make sense for Paradox to keep some of the information less public if possible.

SteamSpy responded saying that it was uncommon for publishers to request their data is removed from the site and stated that “It is their games and I think it’s their right to hide their data.”

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    • Spoon

      Another dick move from paradox

    • waswat

      well if they want to prevent misinformation coming out, how about they just give us the numbers? 😛